Zurich Process

Welcome to Across the alps

The www.acrossthealps.eu website provides users with an information system on the main transit axes through the Alps in Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Slovenia and Switzerland. Under the designation of each axis, you will find general information on the individual route and the most important regulations and safety instructions, as well as useful links (e.g. real-time traffic information).

The axes are shown in red in the event of any incident which lasts for at least 48 hours and makes the route impassable for cars and heavy goods vehicles over a long period of time. Incidents are defined as natural occurrences such as earthquakes, landslides, rockfalls, mudslides, floods and avalanches. This also applies to "technical" incidents such as collapsed bridges and serious accidents resulting in infrastructure damage (e.g. tunnel fires), as well as human activities such as strikes or terrorist attacks.


This website does NOT provide any real-time traffic information. To obtain real-time traffic information, please use the links provided for each axis.  .


The www.acrossthealps.eu website has been created within the framework of the Zurich process. The Zurich process takes its name from the joint "Zurich Declaration" of 30 November 2001 issued by the transport ministers of Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland in the presence of the European Commission. Slovenia subsequently became a member of this group in 2006. The Zurich Process serves as a formal platform to assist the transport ministers in finding solutions for safety and traffic problems in the Alpine region so as to facilitate the shift from road to rail and to improve road safety, especially in tunnels in the Alpine region.

Source: Swiss Federal Office of Topography