Zurich Process

Regulations for GRT transit and important information

General regulations

Tunnel length GRT16 918.00 metres
Max. vehicle height4.00 metres
Max. vehicle width 2.55 metres
Vehicles with climatisation 2.60 metres
Max. total weight    40.00 tonnes


Special regulations for HGVs

General ban on night-driving 22.00 to 05.00
Ban on Sunday drivingSaturday, 22.00 to Monday, 05.00
Ban on public holiday drivingday before, 22.00 to 05.00 on day after


Transport of hazardous materials

The ADR regulations apply:

  • Drivers with an authorisation for the transport of hazardous goods through the tunnel must present it before transiting via Göschenen or Airolo.
  • Tanker trucks are prohibited from using the tunnel unless their tank is empty and has been cleaned.


Unusual load

As a rule, unusual loads will be moved at night on certain weekdays and accompanied by the police. Depending on the conditions and authorisations, the tunnel will be closed for the duration of the transit of unusual loads.

Transit charges

For cars

Transit through the tunnel is free of charge. However, you must have a vignette (CHF 40).


For HGVs in general

The  HGV levy (LSVA) regulations apply.


For unusual loads

The costs and charges are laid down in the relevant ordinances.