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Regulations and other important information

On 15 July 2009 the speed limit on the A8 motorway in the Alpes-Maritimes department was lowered to 110km/h.

This measure applies to the entire stretch of the A8 motorway in Alpes-Maritimes, from the department of Var to the Italian border, and was taken to reduce the motorway’s environmental impact and improve safety.

The speed limit for light vehicles is 110 km/h, and reduced to 90 km/h along some stretches.

Regulations applying specifically to HGVs

Driving is prohibited throughout the year, and on the entire national road network, during the following periods:

  • from 22h00 on Saturdays to 22h00 on Sundays;
  • the evening before public holidays, from 22h00 until 22h00 the following day.

During the summer holiday period additional traffic restrictions apply to the entire national road network.

The brochure "Heavy goods vehicles 2012" can be consulted at


Hazardous materials

A consolidated version of the modified order on the road transportation of hazardous materials of 29 May 2009 (arête TDM) can be consulted at:


Application of the new regulations on hazardous materials in road tunnels:


Exceptional convoys

Customers wishing to obtain a permit for an exceptional transit or convoy can contact the relevant office (during office hours) or consult the information on exceptional transits and convoys of the website www.autostradadeifiori.it. It is also possible to obtain permits for exceptional transits and/or convoys for stretches of motorway managed by other concessionaires.

Requests for permits can likewise be sent to the site www.teonline.it. Prior to doing so, clients have to have an Autornet subscription, which can be obtained from the company Mirama  (info@remove-this.mirama.it). It is possible to monitor the status of your application via the Internet.

Road toll

The schedule of transit fees can be consulted on the website of ESCOTA.

All toll fees, including those for the French section from the Italian border to Roquebrune, are payable at the toll booths located at the Italian border. For reasons of space the tool booths are situated at the service area on the right bank of the Roya river in Ventimiglia, at km 151 + 849.