Zurich Process

Regulations and other important information

General regulations

Authorized vehicle dimensions (weight, height, width)

  • Weight: 40 tonnes
  • Height: 4.30 metres
  • Width: 2.55 m
  • Minimum speed: 50 km/h
  • Maximum speed: 70 km/h

Regulations applying specifically to HGVs

Driving is prohibited throughout the year, and on the entire national road network, during the following periods:

  • from 22h00 on Saturdays to 22h00 on Sundays;
  • the evening before public holidays, from 22h00 until 22h00 on the following day.

During the summer holiday period additional traffic restrictions apply to part of the Rhône-Alpes road network in winter, and to the entire national road network during the summer holiday period.

The brochure "Heavy goods vehicles 2012" may be consulted at

Hazardous materials

Hazardous materials must be transported under escort. Class 1 goods classified under code 1.3C and 1.3G (quantity - 5T), and class 2 goods are authorized for escorted transit between 23h00 and 05h00.

A consolidated version of the modified order on the road transportation of hazardous materials of 29 May 2009 (arête TDM) can be consulted at:

Application of the new regulations on hazardous materials in road tunnels:

The regulations governing traffic in the Fréjus tunnel, dated 21 May 2010, may be consulted at:

Tunnel fees

Tunnel fees are posted on the website of the SFTRF