Zurich Process

Regulations and important information

General regulations

  • Height: 4.00 m
  • Width: 2.55 m / 2.60 m for vehicles with air conditioning
  • Maximum weight: 40 tonnes


Special regulations

The following general rules apply to HGVs carrying goods in Switzerland:

  • No driving at night between 22h00 and 05h00, and
  • No driving on Sundays.

During these periods HGVs may drive only with special authorization, unless the drive is  considered directly, and ipso jure, both urgent and unavoidable within the meaning of Article 91a of the Swiss traffic code (VRV).

For further information please consult the website www.sonderbewillligung.ch

Winter equipment 

The law does not mention winter tyres and does not expressly require winter tyres to be fitted.

However, what is required is for vehicles to be in perfect working order; in the case of tyres this means that equipment must be appropriate to the weather conditions.

"Vehicles may not use the road unless they are in perfect working order and meet all legal requirements. They must be built and maintained in such a way that traffic rules and regulations can be complied with."  (Article 29, SVG)

"Drivers must remain in control of their vehicle at all times, so as to be able to meet the requirements imposed by the duty of care" (Art.31, SVG)

In the light of the above general rule, it is clear that drivers are responsible for fitting the type of tyre appropriate to weather conditions.

Snow chains are compulsory only where this is expressly indicated.

Transit Charges

Light vehicles

Transit through the tunnel is free of charge.

HGVs in general

The rates levied under the performance-related heavy vehicle fee (HVF) apply.

Vehicles carrying exceptional loads

The charges and fees laid down in the relevant ordinances apply.